We have listened carefully. And we know what the market wants. What it needs every day. What it consumes every day. Et voilà – and here they are, today's trends: health, community, profit. Especially in the area of health, we offer products needed by every inhabitant of this planet. Everyday, many times a day.

The leading player: water!

What do you think is the most important food? Right, water. No human being can live without water. Nor stay healthy without clean water. The problem thus appears in all its dramatic clarity: there are almost 7.4 billion people living on this earth, with an increase of about 80 million each year. And today more than 1 billion people lack safe access to clean drinking water.

This presents, on the one hand, a problem. On the other, an opportunity. Under our ECAIA label we offer products for the optimization of drinking water. These ECAIA products energize water, making it pure, alkaline, oxygen-rich and antioxidant. Just like the cells of our body want it.

Whether you drink ECAIA water yourself, or simply recommend our products to other people If water is silver, then drinking water is gold - blue gold. Become a Member and get all the benefits of a golden future!



Prevention is the best medicine, as we all know. In addition to water filters, we also offer food supplements and cosmetics. All 100% natural and alkaline. A real megatrend. In Germany alone, in 2014, natural cosmetics generated sales for an impressive one billion euros and experts predict an annual growth of 10% internationally.


According to Digital Market Outlook, two billion people worldwide will be shopping online in the year 2020. This clearly indicates where our journey is taking us. Whether with desktop computers or mobile devices, nowadays everyone shops online. The markets are adapting to this trend: the offer in the online sector is increasing daily and reaching record sales amounting to billions of dollars!

Referral marketing

It’s worth noting that, according to Digital Market Outlook, between June 2011 and June 2012 the offer of products sold on websites actually doubled. Which meant more and more information. A veritable flood of digital information. And consumers were and still are literally overwhelmed. A helpful tip from a friend could be a guiding light for us in this sea of information, that we would gladly follow, on account of our friendship. As a result, the advertising effect is very strong and the sales completion rate is equally high. It’s a very clear trend. Become a referrer now. Register as a Member.